Red Tent Events

The Red Tent is a sacred & restorative gathering of women that occurs at the new moon when they are most in need of support, rest, and reflection.

This timeless tradition was observed by all ancient cultures across the world and honored as a time for retreat & rest for the women of the community.

The Red Tent is a safely curated space for women to connect, learn & restore themselves at the lowest energetic point in the month. It is a time to stop and take an honest look at what has passed, share from the heart and lean into the support of your circle.

During the ceremony, the facilitator shares wisdom on how the lunar and seasonal cycles effect women’s emotions, energy levels & psychological wellbeing and how to balance those cycles for greater harmony.

The Red Tent is a place where women learn the sacred practices of healing, channelling, and divination. Traditionally, most women bleed with the new moon and this physical release creates a deeply intuitive state & heightened subtle senses. You will be guided through gentle practices to develop your clairaudience, clairsentience and clairvoyance during this sacred time.

New Moon is also a time to pause, reflect and pivot – what we do not release and process from the month past is carried by our bodies & speaks to us through PMS, pain and reproductive imbalances.

The Red Tent will support you as you take an honest look at your life and claim responsibility for your own emotional wellbeing so you can return from the darkness without the burden of your shadow & unexpressed emotions. You will see yourself mirrored in the women who surround you; their words can offer you a chance to heal the wounds of your past, present and even future self. There is true catharsis in speaking from the heart & in listening to others do the same.

Certified Red Tent Facilitator – Christina McKenzie

Christina is a wife, mother & healer. She has studied women’s mysteries with teachers from all over the world and lives these cyclical practices every month.

She is a trained Arts teacher, certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Reiki Master and newly certified Red Tent Facilitator. She belongs to an international Red Tent group that gathers every month under the leadership of her mentor, Tanishka the Moon Woman.

Christina is passionate about bringing women together so that they can heal & support themselves and each other.

She currently hosts monthly in person and virtual Red Tent gatherings, as well as seasonal retreats to honor the Wheel of the Year.

Monthly Red Tent Gatherings

Please check back here for upcoming in person (Regina, SK) and virtual Red Tent Gatherings every new moon.

Please message Christina here if you are interested in joining her Red Tent gatherings or retreats.