I love making handmade creations that fit each customer’s unique needs and tastes!

Weighted Blankets

Crystal Blankets

Heatable Neckwraps

My weighted blankets are handmade with lots of love and are perfect for anyone wanting a deeper, more peaceful sleep. Each blanket is made from locally sourced fabric and contains a 100% cotton outer layer, a double inner layer of polyfill for body & uniformity and a poly pellet weighte sourced from Ontario. Blankets are available in mini, twin, double and queen size! Weight can be customized for kids to adults – recommendation is 10% of your body weight up to a maximum of 30lb. As a bonus, I add in 222 healing crystals customized just for you into every blanket!

…”I ordered one of these blankets because I heard weighted blankets are supposed to help a person sleep better. I cannot believe how much better my sleep is! I wake up feeling rested and like I actually recovered from a hard previous day. Christina was awesome to deal with and very helpful when deciding what I wanted. I highly recommend the weighted blankets!!!” R.F.

Pricing (already includes 6% PST)

  • Child (3x4ft) 5lb $130
  • Twin (42″x72″) 10lb $240, 15lb $265, 20lb $290
  • Double (5x6ft) 10lb $300, 15lb $325, 20lb $350
  • Queen (5x7ft) 15lb $370, 20lb $395, 25lb $420
  • Extras – duvet tabs (6) $10, add 111 more crystals $10
“LOVE my handmade weighted blanket! It was customized exactly for me and the healing stones were so thoughtfully picked out to make this the perfect, comforting piece. I’m thrilled to be able to support local artisans like Christina who actually care about their customers- try one! You won’t be disappointed ” D.H.

My healing crystal blankets are one of a kind! The colours reflect the order of the body’s 7 chakras, which regulate and balance the energy of the body or one of the 4 elements – Earth, Air, Fire or Water. There are 222 healing stones, including garnet, obsidian, carnelian, tiger’s eye, citrine, malachite, adventurine, rose quarz, clear quarz, amethyst, lapis lazuli, and sodalite, sewn into the batting to further promote balance, relaxation and vitality. Each blanket can be customized to include your birthstones and or individually chosen colours!

All blankets are made from a poly/cotton blend and backed with a colour of your choice. Add $20 and switch to 100% cotton or organic cotton (colours are limited and will vary)

Pricing (already includes 6% PST)

Rainbow (42×84″) $215
Four Elements (42×84″) $215
Child Size (36×42″) $130

My heatable neckwraps are handmade with love and care! These wraps measure 24″x7″ and come with a deliciously soft, washable minky cover.
Each neckwrap comes gift-wrapped and is only $30! (already includes tax)
The inside layer is made from 100% cotton and the rice filling is lightly scented with lavender & peppermint to relieve all your aches and pains – heat with cover on for 2 minutes or chill in the freezer and enjoy!